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Introduction to (landscape) Photography video now available. (Free)

I just uploaded a new video of the Landscape Photo educational webinar from Nov, 10, 2021.

HALS Photograph by Stephen Schafer
HALS Photography of the Lovelace Garden by Stephen D. Schafer. This Historic American Landscapes Survey project was featured in the video.

You never know when you volunteer for an online presentation, but I'm really pleased with how this webinar came out and that CPF made it freely available. And also really honored to be included in this short educational photography session sponsored by the California Preservation Foundation ( and the California Garden and Landscape History Society ( Photographer Millicent Harvey and I share our methods for photography in general, and landscape photography in particular, and since our approaches, techniques and clientele are so varied, the two presentations and lively Q&A show the diversity of our styles, and the range of creative approaches to photographing the landscape.

Millicent and I have been working as professional photographers for over 30 years, and we both clearly love what we do, but from start to finish our process is different (except when it's the same). It was a fun, spontaneous, presentation and an unscripted Q&A that should be educational for everyone  who wants to learn about what career photographers do.



If you’d like more information about HABS/HAER/HALS photography take a look at our website.

Stephen Schafer, Architectural Photography,

Ventura, California

Ph: 805-652-1000

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