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Underrecognized California: A pilot preservation grant program to inspire inclusive designations

Posted Jan 12, 2013.eddd2b5a-3aec-4343-85fa-9de26d43e7f0.jpg
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17-Watts Happening LAHCM-Nov 2020-Schafphoto0286
Watts Coffee House at Watts Happening Cultural Center. Photo by Stephen Schafer
Underrecognized California
A grant program to inspire inclusive designations
Underrecognized California: A Program to Encourage Inclusive Historic Designations

This program recognizes and protects historic resources associated with underrecognized histories and historic sites in California. This program also employs diverse students in historic preservation to work directly on the nomination of the chosen site. The students are matched with an eligible site to write a nomination under the guidance of a professional mentor, a critical first step in their career development. The stewards of the historic structure are also paired with a mentor to provide guidance for the long-term maintenance of their site. The program for 2023 will specifically focus on the Los Angeles region. 

Program Priorities. This matching program promotes the formal listing of publicly accessible historic places by connecting a diverse and underrecognized community structure in need of documentation with a paid student employee of CPF to research, write, and submit a local landmark nomination in the Los Angeles area.

01-Watts Happening LAHCM-Nov 2020-Schafphoto0136
Watts Happening Cultural Center. Photo by Stephen Schafer
Link to Underrecognized site nomination form
This program is generously supported by a gift from Stephen and Sherry Schafer, Liz's Antique Hardware


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